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Fire Alarm Systems

Monitor and alert effectively in an emergency.

A well-designed fire alarm system is paramount whether it is simple manual fire alarm pull stations to fully automatic smoke detections. From small one-room schools, large high schools or correctional institutions, Sound and Signal Inc. is there when needs arise.

SSI offers full systems with today’s fire alarm code requirements while also providing easy to operate precise systems which communicate emergencies quickly to local staff, alerts authorities and dispatches emergency personnel as required.

All fire alarm technicians at Sound and Signal, Inc. are fully trained to install systems per manufacturer requirements and standards. Technicians routinely undergo testing and training on Fire and Life Safety problems. SSI technicians are certified by the State of California Department of Industrial Relations for Fire Life Safety. In addition, all field service personnel are screened, fingerprinted and approved by the U.S Department of Justice.

We Offer

  • Complete signal system coverage both audibly and visually
  • ADA compliant systems and devices
  • Evacuation maps and diagrams for safe building evacuation
  • Expandable systems from 1-60 panels as your needs expand
  • On and off-premise monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Annunciation panels alerting Emergency Personnel for a prompt response
  • CADD operation services providing precise updates and changes to your system

Required Testing

NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code mandates annual fire alarm system testing. This routine maintenance ensures systems are operating at 100% reliability and provides a safe environment for the occupants of buildings.

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