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Autonomous Sound

Sound and Signal, Inc. has the ability to create a complete Autonomous Sound solutions package to fit the client’s needs and budget. Services include classroom audio systems, meeting spaces, multiuse rooms, gyms, outdoor venues and everything in between.

Our autonomous sound systems for football, baseball and track are designed with the intention for sound to be disbursed on a playing field, while making sure not to delineate into the adjoining neighborhoods. With extensive inventories of speakers, mixers, and specialty electronics allow SSI to install a system right the first time while “shaping the sound” to the client’s environment.

SSI carries a full line of portable sound systems, including small, medium or large solutions. With many lines of equipment that allow “simple” portable systems to sound similar to full range permanent systems.

All of SSI’s autonomous sound systems have wireless microphone capability allowing for freedom of movement during presentations and performances. All of the systems are tunable to available local frequencies thus eliminating the cancellation of signals from unwanted sources.